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Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

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♥ Playing it cool(2014), Korean Trailer.

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we’re just pieces

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Human and Eldar working together.


Human and Eldar working together.

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And I say that lovingly because I, as a fellow dumb person, need to channel my crazy, manic, indeed dumb energy into something and you play an instrument and they’re like “Ohhh not so dumb!” 

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"I wanna partner up on this thing."

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x men: comics to film (part one)

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Whenever I look at Brolin videos/gifs/pictures, I get the vibe that Bradley really really wanted to be friends, but Colin was too reserved to show the same enthusiasm. Like maybe he wanted to, but he was too shy. Is that just me?

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i mean, no i don’t see that. i think colin is just a naturally shy person. but, from what i’ve seen, he seems to be more open with bradley than i’ve seen him with really anyone else. i think the two of them seem really close.

Colin was not “too reserved” if you ask me. there is enough material that suggests how close friends they become after the difficult warming up phase, when bradley told in interviews that he can’t really relate to colin humour…, but then we have later statements with stuff like “singing songs” and i might be mistaken or not, colin didn’t sing songs for/with every other merlin cast member.

a lot is sure speculation, none of us knows them in private, but as brolin shipper i can say that they have built a strong friendship^^

(side note: i didn’t see posts about the entire merlin cast going to several theatre projects of colin, but bradley was there, sometimes hidden like a secret-agent-of-bromance…^^)

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A woodland king with a crown of leaves upon his golden hair.

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“I’m working a flipcam, so I’m simultaneously looking at myself in the mirror to make sure that I’m doing this correct.”